Why Should Enterprises Opt for an Email Hosting Service?

Professionally, emails are the most preferred means of communication. Whether you are trying to communicate with your external customers or vendors or sending important internal communication to your employees, email plays an important role. While free email IDs from providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. are good for personal communication, enterprises need a more professional option. This is where Enterprise Email Hosting Services come handy. They are designed for enterprises and offer features and benefits that help them incorporate efficient email practices within the organization. Here are some reasons why enterprises should opt for a professional Email Hosting service.

1.     Storage space as per requirement

Storage space is an important aspect of an Email Service. While free Email Services offer limited storage space, with Enterprise Email Hosting Services, you can choose the amount of storage based on the requirements of the specific users. This means that your employees will never miss important emails due to their accounts running out of storage space.

2.     Brand Image

Since Enterprise Email Services allow you to create email IDs based on your domain, the emails sent by your employees, establish the credibility of the brand and display the professionalism of your organization. You can also create specialized IDs for services establishing a professional brand image. This ensures that your customers feel like they are dealing with a reputed brand.

3.     Better Security

Business emails tend to carry critical and sensitive information. Hence, the security of the emails holds paramount importance. With Enterprise Email Hosting Services, most providers offer SSL encryption, firewalls, antivirus and spam protection, etc. to ensure that your emails are secure. This keeps unauthorized access at bay while allowing you to focus on your business instead of worrying about the security of the information being exchanged over emails.

4.     Maximum Uptimes

While most free email providers also offer maximum uptimes, with Enterprise Email Hosting, you receive an uptime guarantee of 99.99%+. Business emails are critical and sometimes time-sensitive too. Hence, a delay in sending or receiving an email can lead to major losses. With a near-100% uptime assurance, you can forget about your email servers going down.

5.     Collaboration

Most providers also offer a full-fledged calendar and allow users to synchronize it across all devices. Further, you can schedule meetings and video calls, making it a good way to collaborate within the organization and also with external customers/vendors.

6.     Multiple Device Compatibility

With Enterprise Email Hosting, users can sync their accounts across multiple devices using IMAP, POP3, and Webmail. This allows mobility and fits perfectly in today’s mobile working culture.

Summing Up

Every business has specific requirements from its email server and interface. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a clear understanding of the features required for your enterprise before buying a service. Research the market and compare plans before buying. Good Luck!