How To Hire A Custom Software Development Company Without Spending An Arm And A Leg

The software development service on demand, also known as custom development, aims to implement solutions that fit precisely and specifically to the processes of an organization. This differences with generic software where the finishing user regulates to the procedures of the product that use to beformerly developed.

This service is generally justified when there are no solutions on the market for the process to be systematized, or the solutions are not sufficiently adjusted to the needs of the user.

Custom software development is a personalized service provided by the Custom Software Development Companywith great customer participation. It is the client who has the knowledge of the processes, and the system engineer who must assimilate, analyze, improve and finally systematize them. Contacting with the velvetech experts for the dame will be beneficial.

The software development service that is offered consists of the following activities:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Support

Analysis for software development

This stage begins in the negotiation. Ideally the analysis would be a set of pre-listing activities paid by the client to the software development consultant or vendor who could deliver a pre-design before starting development.

Software design

This stage consists of activities that are important to ensure the utility of the software for the customer. That is to say that it really fits your need. For this reason, during software design is when the client has the greatest participation.

Software development

This is made up of mainly programming and documentation activities by us for the solution to be delivered. The result of this stage is the source code and all the deliverables.

Software implementation

It is in this phase that the quality, service and delivery of the software development provider begin to contrast. Accompanying the client is very important to us. During this stage the software is installed, it begins to be used and refined.

Support for your software

Support and warranty in custom software development is many times more important than in generic software. By its nature, software is imperfect and tends to evolve or change to adapt to new needs. Software development, whatever it may be, requires monitoring and evolution.