Ways of using social media for customer service

Social media is one of the platforms that has gained immense popularity over the past few years. With billions of people using social media, online marketing has become an important way how an organization or a company interacts with its audience. People have the power to impact the reputation of a product or service since most of the users in the modern digital age use social media, companies or organizations should have an online presence for a better understanding of their customers and also help their customers service.

Here are some of the ways social media is used for customer service

Social media comments, mentions, and hashtags

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are some of the popular social media applications in the world with billions of users daily. Every second there are millions of posts being posted and it is difficult to identify the relative posts to a company or an organization. A CRM system is used to track customer interactions through social media and many other channels. Here are some of the ways customers can interact with a company or an organization.

Mentions and hashtags: Customers can mention a company or an organization’s name in their post about the product or the service. Customers use the “at the rate” or “hashtags” symbol  (@comapny or an organization name or #company name) to mention a company in their post to give feedback, resolving an issue, or just enquire about the products or services. Companies and organizations can identify what their customers are talking about them, which can help them to improve their customer service overall.

Comments: When a company or organization publishes a post which can be a text, picture, or video, their audience can post comments. The comments can be feedback to the post or asking a question about the product or service or the audience showing support to the company. A very interactive comment section of a company and organization can help build a good rapport with their customers.

Direct Messaging(DM)

Before social media platforms became popular, the ways of contacting a company or an organization are through their customer care phone or email. Companies with social media platforms can provide channels to communicate with their customers, each social media platform have their own messaging channel and it gives customers opportunities to interact with a company or an organization through multiple social media channels that they are comfortable with. Customers will have more flexibility with companies that provide social media channels for interaction.

Better customer understanding

Social media provides better interaction with customers compared to traditional channels. Companies can use feedback, comments interaction, and many other ways to understand their customers, which can help them improve their product or service, build customer loyalty. For example, Xiaomi a well-known company in the mobile industry uses social media like Instagram and Twitter to interact with their customers, they do surveys polls to understand what their customers are looking forward to in their products or services, they do giveaways to their customers by conducting the small competition, they reply to customers comments and use social media in many other ways to build relationships with their customers.


Social media is one of the most growing platforms in the world with billions of users daily. Companies can have more personalized interaction with their customers also giving them multiple channels. Companies or organizations without social media presence are missing out on opportunities to build good relationships with their customers. Managing all these platforms in-house could come with a heavy Capex cost and time-consuming with getting the right team for you. Alternatively, look at CX market places like VOIZ where you can offload your social media management as a customer service to skilled remote gig agents. At VOIZ, you can hire CX agents, set your social media customer service goals, engage the team to do your work. The best part is you can manage these agents, see their performance in realtime. Also, you can integrate your support systems like Ticketing software, CRM, etc using API integration.